About the Project & Mission

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The Project

This project is about guiding you in rediscovering and knowing who you really are. Through knowing the truth about your inner structure you can access and manifest your deserved projected reality. Through our guidance you can channel you energy for healing, cleaning, recovering fragmented soul parts, manifesting events in your life and enlightenment. 

The Mission

Bring light on how powerful and easy it is to manifest through guiding our inner energy to higher grounds of consciousness. Ultimate mission is to rise the level of experiencing life on earth at higher vibration waves.

The Need

There is no need but just the flow of energy. We feel that a space such as this Meditation Academy reflects the level of awareness we become to resonate with by recognizing the deeper truth about our primordial power of manifestation. 

You do not need to be enlightened, healthy and wealthy but it is your original right and natural state of your being.

Who can benefit

Everyone who understands that simply the kind of thoughts you let to unfold in your mind can create your reality. 

In order to follow our guided meditations you have only to organize the time and place to do it.  Just find a relaxing position, close your eyes and follow the guidance.

Short scientific concept description and research

At subatomic level everything is connected through a field of energy.  This also known as, Quantum Field of Energy, is the zero point which sustains the experience through our life time. We use the Quantum Zero Point of Energy to manifest a life that is rightfully ours. 

The meditation in itself does not heal you but the intention of focused energy you put through our guidance has the power of manifestation.  

What can be achieved

Through our designed guided meditations you can achieve and manifest one of the following: health, wealth, enlightenment.

The meditations are custom designed to guide you through the processes of transcendental experiences, clearing and cleaning energies, understand and let go of fears, heal and regenerate your body.   

The meditations guide you to focus your energy of intention on your need.

Our background of applied research

Before starting this project we’ve had more than 30 years of study and direct experience of meditation and its benefits.  

We’ve studied and applied meditation by using interdisciplinary knowledge of physics, anatomy, psychology, theosophy and spirituality.

We are specialists in regression therapy and psychology.

The proof and truth

It is proven that a constant set of negative and destructive thoughts and correlated emotions can make you sick. Likewise a constant set of positive thoughts and elevated emotions can make you healthy without the need of chemicals. 

You are free to manifest and attract what you want from the universe and the only questions remains about what you choose to experience. Just simply acknowledge that the kind of thoughts and feelings you let to enter your being is the life experience you attract.