Meditation Fields and Areas

Our meditations do not focus on wishful thinking and affirmations but with connecting and rewriting subconscious energetic programs that limit your manifestation power. YOU is not referred as your psychological created person but as your Core Energy upon the person is constructed and believed in. We guide You to overcome programmatic limitations and unfold the power of your true nature.

Zero Point Energy

Depending on your belief or knowingness structure we may use a more scientific method of meditation for manifesting that connects you first with your pure core self at the vibration space of zero point energy. 


If your belief structure is based on spiritual and angelic vibration then you may choose meditations based on angelic or shamanic invocation healing and manifestation energy.

Increased Abilities

Increase Muscle Strength;

Increase chances of winning Sport Contests;

Increase Brain Activity Capabilities;


Emotional Healing

Heal and liberate from different emotional traumas that limit and block your life and even generate bodily illness.

Trauma Release

Heal and liberate blocked energy from traumatic events that generated psychological, emotional and bodily illnesses.  

Physical Body Healing

Organs Regeneration; Tissue Regeneration; Bones Regeneration; Heal Illnesses caused by Emotional Traumas


Attract Financial Abundance;

Wealth Abundance;

Health Abundance


Connect and manifest core desires through zero point energy.

Spiritual Awakening and Enlightenment

Be guided to rediscover and access your divine Self that opens the path to enlightenment.