Meditation - What, Why and How

Short definitions:

What is Meditation: Meditation is the technique of changing the inner state of being to bring coherence in your energy structure.

Why Meditate: Through the process of Meditation one can get to really know himself or herself or Self, heal its physical body and energetic body, step into the process of enlightenment.

How to Meditate: You can meditate through guided meditation, which is what we do, or just siting silent and be aware of your thoughts and feelings. Through guided meditations you sit silently and listen to the live or recorded guided meditation and let yourself be guided. 

The Act of Meditation Through Science and Spirituality

A lecture written by PhD Gabriel GARAIS (one of our founders)

Meditation at its root meaning stands for being aware of ones own inner world.

We’ll start this lecture with our beloved quote of Carl Gustav Jung that says “Who looks outside dreams, who looks inside awakens“.

That being said we all have the tendencies of perceiving the world through our senses not being aware that the life we experience on the outside world is actually in concordance with the energetical projection from our inner subconscious world. 

Our perceived life is very complex because the projection of the inner subconscious world structure is extremely complex. The inner structure complexity can be compared to the complexity of a galaxy or even clusters of galaxies. The complexity is built, structured, linked, relationed, organized and rearranged with each new experience in the perceived world. Each experience is a collection of thoughts and emotions. The mind connects the thoughts with the corresponding emotion and stores it not only in the brain but also the deep tissue of any part of the body. The stored experience creates a memory which transforms in the subconscious as a subprogram and subroutine just like in a computer program but much more complex because we also have human emotion.

Someone with a clear mind can decide which thoughts will be permitted to be engaged in the conscious perception but such beings are quite rare in our society.  Most of us have thoughts that over time have turned into automated subconscious programs. In this case, which are common to find among most people, we do not decide anymore about what we want or do not want but the subconscious automated programs decide for us. And the percentage level at which common people operate from the programmed automated subconscious is at 95%.  So only 5% of our awareness is used to decide about our thoughts and actions. In this way it is like 95% of our time we are actually in a lucid dreaming state driven by thoughts and emotions from events that took place in the past. So straightforward you do not take free decisions on the present moment but just repeating patterns of the past. The truth of being really free means to be liberated from the actions, thoughts and emotions of the past. 

Lets take an example of a destructive subconscious program. Lets say that John which when he was about 5 years old gets from his mother a fruit to eat. John does not want to eat it. His mother forces him to eat the fruit against his will. This repeats many times during his childhood. He starts to eat the fruit not to be forced anymore but with disgust and anger. Time goes by and John is 50 years old and he feels in his mouth that the fruit is good but immediately comes a disgust in his state and cannot eat the fruit. Everyone around him eats this fruit but he cannot. So John is subconsciously programmed and his inner child age of 5 is still blocked at that age in front of his mother which forced him to eat the fruit. 

We all have inner children that are blocked or just programmed at specific ages with more or less destructive behaviors. And the programs create other programs and until 30 we become more or less unconscious of our subconscious automated reactions upon which we think that we really take decisions but we actually run a program that takes the decision for us.       

The subconscious programs that we gather our life long tend to limit us in achieving our greatness and so we become to auto-sabotage ourselves. Unfortunately many subconscious programs together with a package of destructive emotions not only limit us but make us actually sick of more or less serious and heavy diseases. Some of the destructive emotions can be described as Hate, Shame, Guilt, Fear, Anger, Revenge, Jealousy, Worry, Doubt, Frustration, etc.  

But fortunately we have many good programs written in our subconscious with many elevated emotions like Love, Joy, Appreciation, Empowerment, Passion, Gratitude, Forgiveness, etc.

According to the extensive research and long life observations of one of the best neuroscientists alive, dr. Joe Dispenza, when elevated emotions are turned on not only that we overcome ourselves and become better at what we do but we actually regenerate, cure and heal our emotional, psychological and physical body. 

Knowing that we have many good programs through which we accomplish many things in our lives and that elevated emotions can actually heal us, obviously we will want more of this.

Meditation is one of the most powerful and easy way of getting over our destructive programs and install constructive and elevated programs that can assist us in our daily life not only to carry out common tasks but to extend our limits and be greater than our greatest version of us in our biggest miracle that is called our Life experience.  

It is scientifically proven that meditation works in many fields not only in our own physical bodies but in our whole internal and external environment. Scientific researches show us through the principles of subatomic physics, called Quantum Physics, that at subatomic level there is an energy field that connects everything. It is like when we draw different shapes on a white paper and at some point we have an entire picture but no one notices the white paper anymore that stands at the bases of the picture. In this case the white paper connects all the shapes in the picture. So it is simply logic that at subatomic level there is something that hold the whole universe together in one total field of energy. Fortunately the logic is also sustained by science for the full of doubts minds that we as humans poses. It is proven also simple things like fingers toughing one another that they actually never touch but there is a force field to all objects that has negative polarity and rejects all objects. So there are forces that keep objects together and other that reject. On this polarities which create the physical world and beyond polarities which is the quantum field is the universe created on.

The human mind constructs programs mainly on polarities through which we can distinguish between concepts like right or wrong and all multitude of comparisons. The human mind has a complex structure based on polarities and for example in order for the body to be safe it learns simple thins like not stepping into a hole because it could die which is true but it has a glitch. The mind adds an emotion as fear so that it is sure that you will not step into the hole. And this is transformed into an subconscious program. So in order now to willingly step into a hole you need to overcome the fear with a feeling such as courage. The problem is that we need programs to overcome programs which is fundamentally an error.

And so we come to one of the simplest ways of meditation which actually, if permanently achieved, is called total awakening and even great steps for enlightenment. 

This meditation is simply to be aware of everything that you do. This means nothing will be an automated program. Of course it does not mean that you will beat your heart and you will grow your hair in a conscious manner but be totally in the present moment. If you take a glass to drink water you do not think of what happens the next half an hour. You are totally present, totally in the here and now. In that moment there is no past and there is no future, there is only the here and now. If you do this, it wont take to long and you’ll feel what all the enlightened one fell, which is a life experience that is a sheer of joy. That is why an enlightened one is always in peace and happy because for him there is only the here and now which has no past and no future. If there is no past there is no suffering for a future that as well does not exist. And so in this way there can not be something else but joy for life and existence. 

Science shows that the Quantum Field has no polarities and so in that subatomic level of reality there is no Time. Time in this way becomes only a concept and is not real for that matter. In this way science explains actually what happens with the enlightened ones, which is, the energy of their brain and psychic tunes into the quantum field vibration which has no time. There is only the present moment. That is to say out of time or beyond time and space. In this way all poetry and all literature of the visionary people through all history is actually true. All this people actually tuned into the vibration of the quantum field known also as zero point of energy. In some writings it is referred directly as the field of God and it is rightfully called like this because it is the field which connects and hold everything together. Who experienced consciously this field of energy did not go numb or physically blocked but the opposite, they were all alive and creative. Because this field has all the knowledge of the universe with an intelligence that is meant to sustain life experience in all possible and impossible ways. This is where the bridge is revealed between science of the physical vibrational reality and the spiritual and mystical vibrational reality.

After this scientific and spiritual thesis we come to the next type of meditation which we mostly sustain in this Meditation Academy Space.

The Guided Meditations, that can manifest your core desires waiting to be expressed at soul level of vibration, are meant to assist you in accessing zero point of energy at quantum level field of vibration, with a certain and specific intent. Ones tuned into, the also known as, the soul level of vibration you are guided with great care to manifest.  

The Meditations are specially designed for many different purposes based on the complex diversity of desires and our extended knowledge gained through extended research.

And finally I wish you all to go beyond your analytical mind, find who you really are and enjoy the great miracle of experiencing life in physical body. Be in the here and now and simply enjoy what comes.

Meditation Lecture by one of our Founders 
PhD Gabriel GARAIS

Wisdom Quotes for which we feel gratitude:

"A memory without the emotional charge is called wisdom."
dr Joe Dispenza
"Man suffers only because he takes seriously what the God made for fun."
Alan Watts
"There is nothing to do to be what you truly are, but there is something you need to discover in order to stop being what you are not."
Spiritual Master
“To be empowered—to be free, to be unlimited, to be creative, to be genius, to be divine—that is who you are…. Once you feel this way, memorize this feeling; remember this feeling. This is who you really are.”
dr Joe Dispenza
"Before enlightenment chop wood, carry water.
After enlightenment chop wood, carry water."
Zen saying
Wisdom quote
"Be the space in which the wind blows, don't fight the wind."
Spiritual Master
"This is the real secret of life — to be completely engaged with what you are doing in the here and now. And instead of calling it work, realize it is play."
Alan Watts